Quiet Waters 1-year anniversary

Quiet Waters 1-year anniversary

A year ago this month I began writing weekly essays on God, nature, and the Christian life. I am grateful to those of you who count yourselves as readers.

With the start of the second year, I think it’s time to make some minor changes to the format. I’ll still post weekly, generally around Saturday or Sunday. And the focus will still be on life with our wonderful Creator.

But I want to make two subtle changes. First, you’ll notice that the format is a little different. The posts will be noticeably shorter. Hopefully that is a welcome change for many of you. I’m also letting go of the Questions for Thought and Prayer at the end, trusting that you are asking tough questions already and praying often on your own.

Second, I am releasing my grip on the nature theme a bit. God’s creation will still find its way into many of the posts simply because I am a biologist and love the outdoors. But I want to open up the topics a bit more broadly going forward.

I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments section (which I do read) about the blog and these proposed changes. Your feedback is very important to me, so please take a few minutes to let me know your thoughts. What works for you, what doesn’t? What am I NOT doing that would make this a better experience for you? What important topics have I neglected?

Thanks again for reading and for providing feedback. It makes me a better writer and ultimately, I hope, and better follower of Christ.

Gratefully yours,


About Dave Cummings

Dave Cummings is a husband, father of three, college professor, biologist, and urban outdoorsman. Most importantly, he is a Christ follower.
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One Response to Quiet Waters 1-year anniversary

  1. sandogram says:

    As you know I seldom make comments, but love your writings. They give food for thought &/or things to ponder, along with confirming that I’m on the right track.
    Don’t ever stop writing these blogs. God is blessing a lot of us through you.

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